Long Time No See

It was recently brought to my attention that it’s been well over a year since I last updated by blog! Although, it’s a funny thing now that I’ve decided I’m not trying to pursue photography as a for-profit venture. I do so protest the way Facebook is so bogged down with stuff, but I feel the need to share. I will choose to do so here.

So what have I been doing this whole time?Image

I mean…not really. No one uses real books any more. But I have been studying by butt off and working in between. I’m happy to say that I just finished my best semester ever which was so substantially better that it’s my highest GPA of law school ever! The studying is paying off, but that doesn’t mean I won’t complain about it any less.

So what else have I been up to? Let me SHOW you!:

Last summer, my parents took my sister and myself to Gatlinburg, TN.


The mountains make me feel so TINY!

Image And here’s the proof that I get this whole photography bug thing honestly:

Image I went with Charlie’s family to Hocking Hills, Ohio. Here we are mid-hike.


We went horseback riding and I had the best experience with a horse ever. I thought I wasn’t a horse fan, but I think I’m a convert.


My bestest good friend moved into her new house with her husband.


I did a whole bunch of collaborations with http://vegetarianandcooking.blogspot.com/ (http://vegetarianandcooking.blogspot.com/2014/05/salted-caramel-blackberry-brownies.html pictured)


Charlie and I went to Barrister’s Ball (a.k.a. law school prom) which was 1920’s themed.


I talked Charlie into wearing a fedora. Well worth it.


And I met up with Lilly and her gang again! Such a cutie! They do grow up so fast!!!!!


I hope to post more regularly this summer. I won’t have the excuse of studying to distract me, but I’m pretty good at coming up with excuses. 🙂


Will Photograph [for] Food

A funny thing about law school: it takes all kinds. And usually those kinds are so sick and tired of briefing, outlining, and writing complaints, that people tend to have pretty interesting things happen outside of all that.

Case and point: my friend, Alecia. I overheard her talk about her food blog, so of course, I checked it out! (and so should you! http://benczean.blogspot.com/) I thought – hey! I could do my photography thing, and she can do her cooking thing, and we could have a good thing together. So that’s what happened.

It just so happened that I had the pleasure of meeting another blogger from Vegetarian & Cooking, Becki, who was home from another law school. (Birds of a feather?)

Check out all the recipies on her website

First, drinks:


Mardi Gras themed! The colored sugar on the rim was adorable, and the drinks were the sneaky strong.

Then came twice baked red potatoes which are probably my favorite appetizer of all time. Ever.


Then came risotto

And then came dessert – BUT – you’ll have to wait for a big reveal on Vegetarian & Cooking. It was ahmazing though. Trust me.

What an awesome day. I got an excuse to take pictures and I was fed. Fed well, I might add. Alecia, I think this could be http://anongallery.org/img/2/5/the-beginning-of-a-beautiful-friendship-casablanca-facebook.jpg

Lilly – Just Can’t Get Enough

I leave Lilly alone for a matter of weeks and she’s all but grown up on me! It’s amazing!

She’s already showing an interest in books!Or at least chewing on them… 😉

The whole gang:

I LOVE this!This one, however, is my favorite. How precious!
Last time Lilly and I met up, she was diggin’ the swings. And what Lilly wants, Lilly gets. It’s good to be the boss, eh?
Lilly’s bff, Minnie.
We tried sunglasses. It worked for an instant. I barely got these in time before she had had enough.

I just think they’re so funny! She looks so old beyond her years with these.
Especially with this one – as if she’s saying, “Are you kidding me?”I just absolutely adore this little girl, this family, and this whole photo session.

Honestly, I had so much fun – and even editing these photos, I was laughing and oohing and awing! (My roommate probably things I’m crazy).
Never have I smiled so much editing pictures.
You guys are the best!

Jen & Mike – Just the Beginning

I prefer to be behind the camera, as a rule, but this time:

Instead of capturing the bride getting her makeup done, I was screaming because I burnt myself curling my own hair,
Instead of worrying about where to be to get the bride as she walks down the aisle, I happily took my place beside her,
Instead of lining up the wedding party, I was being lined up
And I couldn’t have been happier.

Before dinner was served, before the first dance, before the cake was cut, before any of it – the photographer took off! So along with a few others, I got out my camera and got to it. Here are a few of my favorites (besides the two you’ve already seen in the previous post).

I always think it’s so fun to see how the couple feeds each other cake. I figured these two would be nice about it, it’s just in their nature, but this was just about cute beyond reason.


The first dance – like no one else was in the room. Love it.


Another one of the first dance.


And then everyone else got to dancing 🙂


Mother and father of the groom – cuteness clearly comes naturally for these two!


It’s the “Y” of YMCA 🙂


Jen and her stepdad, so precious!




This is about the most precious thing – and the most practical after a long night in heels.
Mike’s a knight to be sure. I suspect his shining armor is under the suit.


Labor Day Weekend


I hope you all enjoyed your un-laboring, or if not, hopefully your time-and-a-half?

Well anyway, I had a fantastic time. I took 596 pictures. I’m going to share them all – soon. For now, here’s a select few.

Charlie learned some pretty sick moves – check out the serious face on this slide!

And if you’ve been following me, you’ll remember my friend got engaged (checkout the bottom of https://khershphoto.wordpress.com/2012/01/27/three-ls/ <— that post) and then I did engagement photos for them as well (https://khershphoto.wordpress.com/2012/01/29/jen-and-mike-part-uno/  and  https://khershphoto.wordpress.com/2012/02/13/jen-and-mike-dos/)

Welp, they got hitched. And I was honored to be Jen’s bridesmaid and of course, any time I wasn’t in a picture, I was getting one. Well, or dancing with my hot date 😉



And remember Lilly? And my big family and little world? (https://khershphoto.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/big-family-small-world/)
Well, we met up again to in a kind of continuation of last session. Again, here’s a sneak peak/I couldn’t help myself.


More to come, my friends. But I have to be a good little law student now and focus.

Thanks to everyone who made this weekend the best escape imaginable!